Ever Participating/Growing

such that to live among host people is to grow

In this Phase

  • Extensive, ongoing participation in host communities of practice

  • Unlimited hours with host people

  • Slow and steady growth in vocabulary through encounters with new words during lifestyle participation

Lifestyle Participation Activities

This phase continues as long as you life among host people. If you have reached this phase, you have the ability to understand most of what host people say and do around you. Also, you do, in fact, keep hearing host people saying a lot around you and see them doing a lot. Both parts are essential. You must be able to understand host people and you must continue to spend lots of time around host people.


The guide in English is here. There is a lot of valuable information on lifestyle participation during this phase. There’s also a discussion about Phase un-6, or how to deal with a lifestyle that keeps you from growing.

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