Widening Understanding

such that we can fit naturally into groups of host people

In this Phase

  • Conversations about Native-to-Native Discourses

  • 500 hours with your nurturers

  • 3000 words gained

Lifestyle Participation Activities

  • Try participating in communities of practice (see the glossary).

  • Find ways that your work time, family time, leisure time, and social life can be made into host world time.

  • Start reading more extensively and watching television, if these are practices of your host people.

By the End of the Phase

  • growing participators will understand most of what they hear, even if host people aren’t speaking to them

  • host people see growing participators as almost, but not quite “one of us”

  • growing participators can fit into host communities (social groups, work teams, etc) without disrupting them or slowing them down


The guide in English is here. This guide is also available in Arabic.

The guide for this phase includes guidelines for both using the ready made materials (television, online media, books, etc.) and also ideas for pre-literate or minority host people where these types of materials are unavailable or limited.


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