Deep PErsonal Relationships

with a few, impacting all relationships

In this Phase

  • Deep-Life Conversations

  • 500 hours with your nurturers

  • 3000+ words gained

Lifestyle Participation Activities

  • Participation in nearly all kinds of public activities and everyday life is now possible. Enjoy it!

  • Try forming some new relationships and deepening existing ones. You’ll still misunderstand a lot and make mistakes, but it’s now much easier for most host people to get to know you.

  • Look for communities of practice that you might like to join and that might welcome you.

By the End of the Phase

  • Growing participators will have formed very meaningful relationships with a few host people

  • Deep relationships with most host people are possible

  • Host people find that growing participators misunderstand or don’t know about many host stories

This is the Big Middle Phase! There are 1500 hours of activities described in the Six Phase Program and you’ve entered a make-or-break phase. You are able to connect with most host people, even though you will make mistakes and there will be misunderstandings. Enjoy that! It can be tempting to plateau here. Remember that if your goal is to participate more deeply, you will need to persevere. Host people probably still struggle to understand you when you tell complex stories or talk about abstract things. When groups of host people gather, you can’t fully participate and miss a lot of what happens. Keep going with Special Growth Participation with your nurturer. That is what will help make more and deeper participation in host lives possible!


The guide, including detailed instructions for the special growth activities, in English is here. Other languages are here.

No special materials are needed for this phase. A notebook and your recording device are all it takes!

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